Maine Lobster




Craving the fresh taste of Maine Lobster? We are here online , 24 hours a day, 7-days a week and ready to take and ship your order. We ship both fresh lobster, or if you prefer, cooked lobster, or picked and cooked lobster meat and complete dinners.

A Soft Shell Lobster is a lobster that has recently shed its old shell in order to make room for its new larger shell. Maine residents often prefer eating Soft Shell Lobsters, since the lobster meat can be sweeter than Hard Shell Lobsters, and a Soft Shell Lobster can usually be broken apart with your bare hands after cooking, so you may not need a nutcracker (Maine Lobster Boys recommends having some nutcrackers on hand if you are new to eating lobster). Maine locals also know, there is less lobster meat in a Soft Shell Lobster, as compared to a Hard Shell Lobster. Soft Shell Lobsters are every bit delicious and worth every penny!